Jan 11, 2017

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Brooklyn Nets Finally Release Former Number 1 Pick

The NBA’s current season in is in full swing and things have not been good for Brooklyn’s hometown team. Unfortunately, the Nets have assembled a dismal record of just 8 wins with 28 loses. On January the 8th, the team was beaten by the Philadelphia 76ers. And things are much worse for some of the team’s players. This is especially true for the former number 1 draft pick, Anthony Bennett. It was previously believed that Bennett would be a major asset for the Nets, but he was never able to prove his worth.

Instead, the former star was cut from the team just 4 years after being selected number one overall. This has led many to believe that the player may soon become a roofer or find work outside of the NBA.

Road To The NBA

During the 2012 and 2013 basketball season, Bennett was a member of the UNLV Runnin’ Rebels. During his 35 games with the team, he played mostly as a power forward. He averaged a total of 8.1 rounds per game and 16.1 point. Of course, it should be noted that he only played approximately 27.1 minutes each game. This made Bennett a major star in the eyes of fans and NBA scouts. After the season ended, Bennett made it clear he intended to enter the NBA draft. He skipped his final three years of college eligibility.

The NBA Years

Bennett was picked number one during the 2013 NBA draft. He went to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Despite some success with the team, Bennett was quickly traded to the Minnesota Timberwolves after his first year in the NBA. Anthony also played for the Toronto Raptors, before signing with the Brooklyn Nets in July of 2016. After the Nets have compiled such a terrible record, they have little choice, but to drop the former number one player. Where will he go from here? Only time will tell, but many speculate that Bennett will no longer be a part of the NBA.